Brooklyn Nets – a Closer Look at How They Are Shaping up on the Court

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The Nets made their move to Brooklyn in 2012 and have since become NBA fan favorites in their new hometown and beyond. They’re having a rough ride this season with an at best, sporadic performance. This month alone, they have only won 5 from 12 and seem to have hit a losing streak.

With the end of the 2019/2020 season around the corner, it's a worrying time for the Nets. The playoffs are looking more and more unlikely for the team, but will they at least be able to turn their luck around and end on a high?

Final Against Miami Heat

The Nets played off against the Miami Heat in a battle-of-wills final. They delivered an aggressive game, but it still didn't prove to be enough as they walked away with another loss against their name. The Heat won 116-113, not much of a difference in points, but it could make all the difference as they head to the playoffs.

Their history with Miami has so far been disappointing, and now the Heat leads the series by 2-1.

Next Matchup Against the Boston Celtics

The upcoming game against Boston Celtics could be the one to turn the tide for the Nets. Statistically speaking, their players trump those in the Celtics with the likes of Kyrie Irving taking a 27.4 lead points per game score over their 23.5. Hopefully, star player Irving's sore knee that he has been suffering with recently won't keep him off of the court for too much longer.

The Nets and Celtics are currently series tied 1-1, and with two games left, these two teams will be showcasing their rivalry with an action-packed battle to prove their dominance.

The Celtics have had a more consistent season, but will the Nets be able to knock them off their stride this time around?

Future of the Nets

The clock is ticking for the Nets’ hopes to join the playoffs schedule and to get there, they need to focus on playing some serious ball. They have struggled to keep on top of their game, especially when their star player was benched due to injury.

However, if the Nets don’t make the playoffs, this will give them the opportunity it seems they need to enter the NBA Draft and strengthen their team with some fresh talent.


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