Chris Kreider Signs 7 Year Extension With New York Rangers Abolishing All Trade Rumours

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The NHL star Chris Kreider has been amidst a hurricane of speculations of late about his future with the New York Ranger. However, those trade rumors have now been officially put to bed. The player has been offered and signed a 7-year extension, allowing him to keep his Rangers jersey firmly on.

The 28-year-old star has secured a $6.5 million per year pay schedule, a $45.5 million contract in total. So far, no signing bonus has been confirmed.

Kreider debuted in the NHL with the team 8 years ago. When the Rangers suffered a worse than disappointing first half to the season this year, it seemed New York was ready to let the player go when he headed towards free agency during the upcoming offseason.

A Critical Team Member

The Ranger’s luck has turned around dramatically as the season end is drawing closer. Kreider has proved himself to be an invaluable member of the team.

The NHL star ranks fourth on the team with 45 points and looks to be the player that keeps the team's energy alive going forward. It's looking likely that the Rangers will focus on Kreider as a leading player and build around him through the next 7 years.

Eventually, he will be revered as a veteran player that new young talent will look to for counsel and mentorship.

How the Rangers Are Shaping up Right Now

The Rangers are having a difficult time keeping up a consistent performance, their most recent game saw them at a loss against the Devils 6-4.

So far, the Rangers have clocked up a total of 36 wins and 28 losses with a total of 68 game points. To begin with, the playoffs were looking like a long shot. Since hitting the ice hard after the all-star break, however, they have managed to pull off a 10 game winning streak.

They went as far as managing 2 points from the eastern conference playoff. Unfortunately, the team then let their performance slide once again when facing off against Philadelphia, in back to back fixtures.

They have now been taken over in the race to the playoffs, and The Rangers have some serious work to do if they want to claw back their chances.


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