Devil’s Kyle Palmieri Confirms Twitter Rumors to Be False

Hockey News

New Jersey Devils forward Kyle Palmieri has been under pressure in the lead up to the NHL trade deadline. A fake Twitter account under the player's name sparked rumors about a trade.

Trade negotiations are a fragile process, and Palmieri was horrified to be the center of the fake news. He tried to stay focused and reassure his fans and family that a trade wasn't on the table as far as he was concerned. Even so, rumors began to flow, especially surrounding the intentions of GM Tom Fitzgerald's decision to bring in young talented players onto the roster.

The trade deadline has now been crossed, and Palmieri can settle as his position in the Devils is secure, just as he hoped it would be. Fitzgerald has stated that the veteran forward is still a crucial piece of the puzzle, and a trade was never in his mind.

The GM is thinking towards the future by surrounding his veteran superstar players with young hopefuls. He intends for the new players to learn from them and move forward when appropriate throughout their career with the Devils.

The Future of Palmieri

Palmieri will be able to sign a contract extension come July, and we believe that when the time comes, he won't be moving from the Devils this summer.

He is dedicated to the Devils and takes his job very seriously, so a move seems illogical for the player at the point. Palmieri is considered the veteran presence the team needs to lead the younger generation of Devils. Fitzgerald understands this to be of the utmost importance for a successful team going forward, and has chosen his player to be the man for the job.

To Sum Up

Given the erroneous Twitter news, Palmieri’s future plans, and the upcoming Devil’s season, there is plenty to be excited about for the fans. This storm in a teacup has proved an interesting distraction for many, but the real hard work starts now.


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