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Borgata Sports New Jersey Review

Who is Borgata Sports? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About this Sportsbook in this Review

Borgata Sports is a little late in joining the sportsbook party in New Jersey, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a serious player. Having joined last year in May 2019, Borgata Sports is starting to pick up the pace when it comes to the sports bettors of New Jersey.

Borgata Sports, along with Borgata Casino and Borgata Poker are part of MGM, but even though they’re part of MGM, BetMGM uses the licensing and regulation of the Borgata Hotel, Casino & Spa.

In this review of Borgata Sports, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at the types of bets on offer, the bonuses, as well as a host of other features provided by this New Jersey sportsbook.

As you’re into placing wagers (we assume this seeing that you’re reading a review on an online sportsbook in New Jersey), sit back and follow us as we review the Borgata Sports 2020 offering!

What Borgata Sports Offers Players in NJ

Sports bettors in New Jersey who want to place a wager on a series of sporting events are in luck as Borgata Sports offers a host of games and bet types for every kind of bettor.

Borgata Sports Betting Features for Players in New Jersey

Here’s the complete list of betting types players in New Jersey can enjoy with their Borgata Sports account.


This is where a sports bettor in New Jersey places a wager on a team to win the game outright.

Spread Betting

Borgata Sports offers spread betting as this is a staple of bettors in New Jersey. Here, some points are subtracted or added to a team. This allocation is determined by whether they are an underdog or a favorite to win. This means that the odds of any team indicate that predetermined difference, which adds to the excitement of the game.

Total Betting

Also known as “Over / Under betting”, this is where a pre-set number of points are given to two teams. Gamers then bet on whether the allocated points are going to be less or more than the final outcome. We’re seeing a lot of players in NJ use this betting feature at the moment.

Prop Betting

Borgata Sports offers Prop Betting as it allows players to bet on all sorts of in-game activities such as total passing yards for a player to even extreme out of game oddities such as if the winning coach will get dumped with Gatorade or not after winning the Super Bowl. A lot of players in New Jersey use Prop Betting as it’s fun and adds some spice too.

Parlay Betting

This is where bettors in New Jersey bet on a group of games collectively. . This then increases the overall odds but also increases the risk as the teams have to win their wagers in order to come out on top with the winning bet.

Futures Betting

Borgata Sports offers players the opportunity to bet on events that haven’t happened yet. For instance, you might make a bet that next season’s Super Bowl will include team X and team Y. Once the event happens, and if you’re right, Borgata Sports will pay you out on your wager.

Available Sports on Borgata Sports

Borgata Sports offers the same sporting events as BetMGM Sports [ADD LINK], which means that all the standard US sports are covered as well as some of the leading international sports. Here’s the list of sports which Borgata Sports covers:

  1. Football: NFL and college
  2. Basketball: NBA and college
  3. Baseball
  4. Hockey
  5. Boxing
  6. Tennis
  7. Australian Rules football
  8. Cricket
  9. Formula One
  10. Golf
  11. MMA
  12. Rugby League
  13. Rugby Union
  14. Soccer

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer with regards to the bonus Borgata Sports has in store for New Jersey sports bettors.

Getting the Borgata Sports Bonus

New Borgata Sports customers will be treated to $100 when they bet just $20. When compared to its sister company’s bonus, BetMGM Sports knocks Borgata Sports out of the park as BetMGM Sports offers all-new sports bettors of New Jersey a risk-free bet of up to $500.

The $100 you’ll receive from Borgata Sports is paid out to you in the form of free bets, meaning you can’t withdraw it. Plus let’s not forget that you’ll need to make a deposit of at least $20 to be eligible for the bonus.

As always, we ask that you read through the terms and conditions because bonuses are subject to change.

The Borgata Sports Mobile Experience

Borgata Sports offers an iOS and Android app, which basically includes every feature you can find on their website. So, when it comes to browsing upcoming events, placing wagers, topping up your account, or withdrawing your winnings, you can do it all from within the Borgata Sports app.

We tried the Borgata Sports app on our Samsung Note 10 as well as our iPhone 10 and the app worked great on both devices.

Cash-In & Cash-Out Options with Borgata Sports

As we mentioned earlier in the review, Borgata Sports is part of the BetMGM suite of sites, which means that making deposits and withdrawals is a breeze. As well as being easy, the cashing-in and the cashing-out processes are safe and secure too. Here are the deposit and withdrawal options:

  1. Credit cards such as Visa & MasterCard
  2. Online banking
  3. PayNearMe
  4. PayPal
  5. Play+
  6. Skrill
  7. ACH/eCheck
  8. VIP Preferred

An important thing to remember is that not all the above methods are available for both deposits and withdrawals. For instance, if you make a deposit with your Visa or MasterCard credit card, you’ll need to choose a method when it comes to making a withdrawal.

We believe the payment methods are pretty decent and there’s definitely a payment method that’ll work for you.

Remember, as deposits and withdrawals fall under gambling-related transactions, you may have some challenges. If you do, bank transfers, PayPal and Play+ are some good alternatives that quite a few players in New Jersey use.

Borgata Sports - The Key Features

The big selection of sporting events on offer as well as the different types of wagers sports bettors in New Jersey can enjoy is definitely one of the key features.

The app is great too as it’s the Borgata Sports website on a small screen, but fully responsive so that you can get everything you want out of it.

When it comes to customer service, you can count on a brand like Borgata Sports to have you covered in that department too. You can reach out to their support team about any account issues or anything that you need via Live Chat, email and over the phone.

Thoughts on Borgata Sports

Borgata Sports has quite a few “pros” going for it, one of which is that it’s licensed and legal for sports betters in New Jersey. Another plus is the bonus Borgata Sports gives out, although as we’ve stated in this review, other online sportsbooks in New Jersey offer better bonuses.

This doesn’t make Borgata Sports less of a sportsbook in any way because people who sign up to Borgata Sports receive this bonus and new players in NJ get $100 worth of free bets in return for just a $20 bet.

Borgata Sports offers a nicely designed, sleek website which is really easy to navigate your way around. Then we have the app, which is neat as it offers everything the website offers, but allows you to make bets when you’re up and about. We do want to mention the color scheme, which is very different from your average sportsbook. Check it out so that you know what we mean.

The fact that Borgata Sports operates under the license of its land-based property is a plus too as you know you’re in good hands. We then have the various sporting games and events Borgata Sports covers, which is pretty extensive.

All in all, we think Borgata Sports is a good option for both new and experienced sports bettors in New Jersey.

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