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Unibet Sports New Jersey Review

Find out Who Unibet is & Everything You Need to Know About them in this Review

There are a few standout brand names in the online sportsbook world and Unibet stands tall among them. Bold claim? The reason we group Unibet in the upper echelons of the New Jersey sports betting scene is because for one, this brand has more than twenty years experience. Secondly, it has vast experience in serving sports bettors in the UK and Europe. Now, Unibet has opened its doors to the US wagering public and it’s doing better than expected. Unibet fans from New Jersey, specifically, are big admirers of the fact that this sportsbook has taken its British and European business model and transported it here, to our shores.

Here at GNJ, we’re quite excited to be reviewing Unibet, and in our December 2020 review, we’ll shed light on this sportsbook’s bonuses and promotions. We’ll also tell you all about the new offers from this sportsbook giant. If you’re a sports betting fan in New Jersey, we believe you’re going to enjoy this review on Unibet. So, then, without further ado, let’s jump right in and review Unibet Sports, the latest addition to the regulated and licensed sports betting scene in New Jersey!

What Unibet Offers Players in NJ

A little further down in our review, we’ll cover Unibet’s bonuses and promotions. For the time being, what we can tell you is that Unibet has become huge in the sports betting field and a lot of sports bettors in New Jersey are beginning to turn their heads towards this brand.

Let’s take a little look at the wide selection of sports you can bet on at Unibet. What makes Unibet really special is that the Management team behind this sportsbook knows exactly what we, the sports lovers want. They’ve been doing it for over two decades now and in that time, they’ve perfected their approach to sports betting. This experience has seen them look to a wide array of sports and sporting events, which they’ve made available to you to place a wager on. The list includes all the US-based sports, such as football and basketball, plus it includes a host of other internationally acclaimed sports such as soccer, ice hockey, horse racing, tennis, rugby and a lot more! They even have golf, cricket, boxing, motorsports, rugby, volleyball, and some exotics like Australian Rules Football.

How does Unibet work?

Getting started with Unibet is easy. If you’re a resident of New Jersey, you simply register a Unibet account and deposit the amount you’re willing to spend on online sports betting. This entire process takes a few short minutes. Once you’re in, you choose the sporting event you’re interested in and away you go!

Live Streaming with Unibet Sports

Unibet Sports is the go-to option when it comes to live streaming. We’re not seeing the live streaming angle used by many sportsbooks in New Jersey, so this is a refreshing plus. Right now, Unibet is streaming football, soccer (such as the world-famous English Premier League), tennis, basketball in addition to several sporting events.

Unibet Sports Customer Care Team

The Customer Care Team provided at Unibet is extremely helpful so don’t hesitate to ask them any question under the sun.

There’s a nice addition to the Unibet “About Us” section. We can’t say it completely relates to the Customer Care Team but it definitely helps the users know more about security information, privacy information, terms and conditions, and information related to cookies.

In case you have any questions you want to ask the Unibet Customer Care Team directly, there is a live chat option at Unibet that can be found when clicking on the “contact us” button. There’s also the option to contact the Unibet Customer Care Team via email (support@nj.unibet.com) or by using their phone number 1-855-655-6310. We tried contacting the Customer Care Team and, truly, it only took them a few minutes to reply to any question you ask them.

Unibet Sports Betting Odds

Unibet Sports is a relatively newbie among the sportsbooks in New Jersey. Still, their odds reflect the industry standard odds you’re likely to find at any other sportsbook in NJ. Saying we’re confident is an understatement when we say that we’re confident that you’ll find some of the best odds when it comes to placing a wager in NJ. They want to make a splash, after all.

In the next section of our review, we’ll be covering the bonuses on offer from Unibet Sports for all New Jersey sportsbook players.

Getting the Unibet Sports Bonus

Unibet Sports offers a $20 free bet, $250 risk free bet. Here’s how this offer works. New players will receive 2, $10 free bets the moment they sign up for their Unibet account.

Don’t worry, no deposit is required to use this bonus, which is a really good incentive.

Let us break it down for you a little. You have the privilege to use the free bets on any event of your choosing. It’s very thoughtful of Unibet to offer such a great bonus, and actually leave some choice to their players.

Now the second part, is the risk free bet part. You have to use it on a live bet market. So here’s how it works. When you first settle a sports cash bet of a minimum $10, you’ll be eligible to be given up to $250 in cash in case your wager loses.

The part we’re going to tell you about is the most impressive in Unibet’s bonuses. If your first settled bet does lose, you will receive a cash refund in your account equal to the amount of your losing wager. Your wager needs to be $250 as a maximum. You’ll get your refund within 72 hours.

Clearly, to qualify for this refund, you must have made a deposit previously.

Always make sure to review the latest Terms and Conditions displayed on Unibet's website right after you have clicked on our "PLAY" button, as they might have been modified after we made our last review. For example, a the time of writing, there was a condition which stipulated you must place your bets at odds of -115 or greater (eg +100, +110) to qualify, and bets made at odds of lower than this will not qualify for the refund.

Last, last time we checked, there's a relative catch you must be aware of, in case you were thinking of registering an account at Unibet Casino: Players that are awarded a bonus for the Risk-Free Bet refund, will not be eligible for the 100% Casino Match Deposit. 

So, read carefully their T&Cs after clicking on our "PLAY" button to be sure you can enjoy their great bonus offer!

The Unibet Sports User and Gaming Experience

Unibet Sports is available on both a Windows-based PC and Mac, giving you a great user experience. The navigation through the website is completely effortless and seamless, you’ll surely enjoy it. In addition to that, Unibet has a dedicated sportsbook app for iOS and Android, which makes it easy for you to bet on your favorite sports at any time of the day and while on the go. We’re going to cover the entire online gaming experience on offer at Unibet in three different sections below. We’re going to look at the website experience, the desktop experience and the mobile app experience of Unibet.

So, let’s jump right into the Unibet Sports website experience.

Unibet Sports Website Experience

Whenever we write a review about a sportsbook in New Jersey, we care about looking at all details of the website. The UX and UI are important to the sports bettors of NJ and so these things are important to us here at GNJ too. When analyzing the Unibet site, we couldn’t find any major issues. We did, however, think that their website is a tad bit on the “basic” side. We’re not saying it’s boring, but we do believe they can add a bit more spice to it.

Unibet Desktop App Experience

Using HTML5 means that Unibet can leverage different software providers, including Bally and International Game Technology (IGT), as well as create a responsive website and gameplay without asking the user to download and install the software. We’re tipping our hats to Unibet.

Very smart move on the developers’ side.

Good job, guys.

Unibet Mobile App Experience

Unibet has their app available on both the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

We tried the app on our iPhone X and our Huawei P30 Pro and even though you can play all the games, we found the UX and UI a bit dry. The good news is that Unibet has announced that they’re going to be releasing updates to their apps soon, so watch this space!

Cash-In & Cash-Out Options with Unibet

As you would expect from a big brand sportsbook website in New Jersey like Unibet, the deposit and withdrawals options are seamless and easy.

Making a deposit into your Unibet sportsbook account is as easy as every other sportsbook in NJ and they offer a host of options, which include:

  1. Credit, debit and prepaid cards such as Visa, MasterCard and the Unibet Prepaid Play+ Card
  2. Online banking
  3. PayNearMe
  4. Play+ (including the Unibet Prepaid Play+ Card)
  5. PayPal
  6. VIP Preferred
  7. Mazooma


We’re not too sure why the popular sportsbook eWallets Skrill and Neteller aren’t available on Unibet. However, the fact that the banking methods they provide are that easy to use compensate for this.

Technically, it’s not Unibet’s loss.

Unibet - The Key Features

Unibet has a wide range of sports you can bet on and we’re sure the New Jersey players will be excited to learn about them. There’s basketball, football, soccer, Australian rules football, tennis, horse racing and many more.

We’d also like to mention that Unibet has excelled in the banking section as well as the interface.

Conclusion on Unibet

In the sportsbook scene in New Jersey, we’re very fond of Unibet. The website still needs a few final touches. Nothing too unforgivable, though!

The sports on offer at Unibet deserve to be described as great! Kudos to you, Unibet.

Unibet also has a Customer Care Team which is available 24/7 and you reach them via live chat, email or phone. So, when it comes to the support side, NJ sportsbook players can have complete peace of mind. The FAQs answer a lot of questions the Unibet players might have in case they didn’t feel like reaching out to the Customer Care Team.

All in all, we can say that our Unibet experience has been nothing short of thrilling. We’re very happy that the New Jersey players have the chance to enjoy access to such a top-notch sportsbook!

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