Glossary of Casino Terms

Vintage casino chips on green table with cards.

Accumulator: Totaling winnings from the previous roll to the present bet. To bet on two or more games with the purpose of putting the winnings from the first win onto the next wager. All choices must be correct before the parlay can win.

Action: The play at the casino or the full amount of money that has already been bet. It is also a dealer expression to tell a player to act.

Add-On: An additional amount of chips which can be purchased by players during a certain interval while competing.

Aggregate Limit: The total amount that can be disbursed by a casino in one round. Once the limit has been met, players may have to accept lesser winnings.

All-In: A betting action that has the player wagering all the chips they have left into the pot.

Ante: A mandatory stake that each player needs to make before the cards in a hand can be dealt.

Banker: The person whom everyone else is betting against. The banker is basically rotated every other turn.

Bankroll: The money that is to be used to participate in casino activities.

Beard: An acquaintance who places bets on behalf of the real bettor.

Bet: A wager made in a game.

Bingo: A game where the numbers on a player’s card match those drawn randomly by a host.

Blackjack: When the initially dealt two-card hand sums up to 21 points.

Bones: Classic term that refers to a dice.

Book: An establishment that receives bets for sporting events.

Cap: The limit on the number of raises during a single betting round.

Cash Bonus: Free cash offered to new players making a deposit for the first time in their online casino account. All cash bonuses are subject to terms and conditions.

Cashback: A refund that is credited back to a player’s account from time to time depending on the percentage of their losses.

Chase: When a player who is already losing tries to recoup their losses by continuing to gamble.

Chips: In a physical casino, chips are round discs of different colors that are equivalent to money. They are available in different denominations used to bet at casino tables. For online casinos, chips may refer to a term used to ask players to place their bet.

Cold Table: When the players who bet correctly are losing more than several times.

Dealer: A casino employee who distributes the cards to each player.

Down To The Felt: A player who is broke.

Drop Percentage: A portion of a player’s cash won by the casino due to the house edge.

Dry: The term that describes a board with no connected cards which may also be known as ‘ragged’.

Eighty-Sixed: Being banned for foul play.

Even-Money Bet: A bet that covers back the wagered amount.

Expectation: The amount that can be expected by a player on average based on the probability of wins by a given hand. It may either be positive or negative.

Eye-In-The-Sky: The term that refers to the watchful eye inside a physical casino.

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