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If you are a beginner at poker, learn a few tips to better understand how poker is played. Check out some interesting facts in the article below to handle the game like a professional. The terms may vary according to different rules and regulations imposed by each game.

Pocket Pairs

There is a total of 13 possible types of pocket pairs with the lowest being 2-2 and the highest being A-A. Nevertheless, it is important to know what makes a premium pair, medium pair, and a low pair within your starting hand. Your tactics need to change according to where you are seated as well as your opponents. In general, small and medium pairs need to be called in late when you are being faced with a single raise. Do not be afraid to call in an early position if you get value.

Perfect Bluff

Timing is key if you intend to pull off the perfect bluff. This tactic needs to be used only if you feel that there is a better chance for you to win the pot rather than playing the cards as they were dealt. Never enter a game with a pre-conceived plan to bluff as knowing the perfect strategy takes skills. You need to observe and learn if your opponent is likely to fold based on how they perform the last couple of rounds.

Bet Amount

The amount of your bet needs to coincide with the amount of the pot. Players often adjust their bet amounts accordingly. A small bet is basically considered as half the amount of the pot or lower. A medium bet is between half to three quarters of the pot amount and a big bet is anything above three quarters. A standard pre-flop is three times as much as the big blind but occasionally it is just better to bet higher. Betting big basically lets you observe which opponents will flop to understand the strength of each player’s hands.

All In

When you have the upper hand while playing against aggressive opponents, it is possible to take away their bets before an opponent claims them. Aggressive players do not like to back down and you can turn this mentality against them. By moving all in on the flop, you can prevent opponents from coming in and seeing the turn. This gives you an early advantage that helps to stop players from staying until they get the cards they have been waiting for.

Raise or Call

You need to first understand the importance of position. Poker professionals will always want to find out a player’s betting position in relative to their opponent’s. This is more important than cards to determine the winner. The three types of positions are early, middle, and late. You can make better decisions when you know the definitions of these positions. Early position is the first three players that come after the blinds. The middle position consists of the fourth and fifth players, and the late position consists of the sixth and seventh players just before the blinds.

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