Trenton Thunder Has a New Team Member on the Field

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Trenton Thunder has been mourning the passing of beloved second-generation bat dog Home Run Derby at 9 years old. At the time, team Thunder shared their sadness with their fans and declared Derby one of the biggest parts of the team's identity.

Poor Rookie son of Derby, who shared the position of bat dog with his dad, was left alone and without a best friend on the field and in the office. Here comes Dash to the rescue!

Dash is the fourth-generation of bat dogs for the Thunders and is Rookies’ cousin. This little bundle of fluff and fur took the press conference by storm, and fans fell in love with him instantly.

Rookie seems to be excited about his new playmate. Manager Jeff Hurley believes that having some young blood on the field might bring a new lease on life to Rookie’s more senior years.

Dash will spend this season playing, growing, and learning as he attends bat- retrieval classes. His big debut on the field will be 2021.

From Rags to Riches

Baseball and dogs are the ultimate combination. Across the country, many minor league and a few major league teams have added a four-legged team member to their roster. Their role is invaluable, collecting balls and bats and returning them to the dugout. They are a huge part of the team and its identity, they entertain the crowd, and add an extra dimension to every game.

Below are a few bat dogs from other Baseball teams that found their homes at the ballparks

Clyde, Los Angeles Angels

Clyde is the ultimate underdog that's risen to the top. He was found in a high-kill shelter and was rescued at 4 months old by the Lopas’s. Unfortunately, due to his rough start in life, Clyde had severe fear-aggression. The Lopas’s dedicated months of training to help him overcome his fears and trust humans. Mr. Lopas, who is the head groundskeeper at the stadium, worked tirelessly, and Clyde is now a superstar on the field, loving everything and everyone.

Hank, Milwaukee Brewers

They once scruffy and undernourished stray found his way into the hearts of the Brewers and adoptive family of Marti Wronski when he wandered on the pitch back in 2014.

They initially focused their energy on smartening up the Bichon Frise mix and showing him the love he had been missing, ready for a new home. Even with press coverage, it became apparent that he'd already found a sort of home with the Brewers, so it was the perfect fit when SVP Wranski stepped forward.

We All Love a Good Boy!

There's something about a good dog that will stick with you forever. In bat dog history, there have been many hard-working four-legged players that have captured the hearts and imaginations of everyone at the ballpark. Dash is stepping into the spotlight and some big shoes, but it's clear he’s already a well-loved part of the team.


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