Understanding High Roller Bonuses in Online Poker

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Who doesn’t like to be recognized as a VIP? Everyone likes to feel special, no matter the occasion. Gamers and gamblers especially like to be VIPS, as this status often comes with rewards and bonuses for even bigger winnings.

Online casinos and poker rooms are notorious for rewarding the most consistent and proactive players. High roller bonuses are some of the best ways to be recognized as a committed poker player.

Gamblers and gamers who consistently play at one online casino earn the house higher net profits at a significant level. For casinos, these are some of the most sought-after players and referred to as “whales” or high rollers.

Naturally, game rooms want to retain higher rollers. In an effort to keep their customers happy, online casinos offer special rewards and privileges, making high rollers true VIPs.  

Typical Privileges for High Rollers

Although every online gambling site is different and offers its own unique set of rewards and bonuses, there are some relatively common high roller privileges available from most gambling sites. These may include:

  • Priority event access – Access to poker tournaments and other live events are a privilege of high rollers. Above and beyond the tournament’s award, players may be able to win grand prizes such as fully paid holidays, supercars, NBA finals tickets, and more.
  • Personalized services – Where online gaming establishments are concerned, high rollers are VIPs. One relatively common perk is that these VIPs have an account manager standing by at any time of day or night. This person is there to answer any questions and/or resolve any account issues.
  • Redeemable loyalty points – A loyalty program is in place for almost every online casino or poker room. The loyalty program rewards players just for showing up and playing. High rollers loyalty programs take it a step further with tiered VIP programs and more redeemable points.
  • Generous cashback offers – From time to time, even high rollers lose to the house. They lose big because they wager big. By offering a great cashback program, the house is usually able to mitigate the loss and offer the player the opportunity to win back at least some of the money they lost.

Additional Benefits for High Rollers

While high roller benefits are still unique to each casino site, some common benefits and rewards include:

  • Biggest players enjoy the biggest wins
  • Faster and easier cash outs
  • More playing time and greater wins through generous bonuses

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